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Buy Fur Coat ((TOP))

We are reposting this blog as we still get so many questions about what is important to know when you purchase your first fur coat. This advice holds for online fur purchases as well as in person fur purchases.

buy fur coat


In most of the US the cold winter days outnumber warm summer days so make sure you choose a cold weather outerwear option that works for you. Be prepared for the cold and perhaps wet and snowy weather. You do not need to sacrifice style for comfort and warmth. Invest in a stylish and functional real fur coat, fur jacket, fur parka, fur lined garment or fur vest and upgrade your winter wardrobe. There is nothing like a real fur garment to keep you warm and looking chic in the long winter months! Fur is the most sustainable and warmest of natural fabrics.

A good quality real fur garment will last for years to come. If you purchase a good quality fur coat you will look forward to Winter! Here are 5 important things to consider when shopping for your first fur coat

Be sure to do your research. Start by visiting the furriers website to make sure that the furrier is reputable. Pologeorgis Furs has an extensive website showing styles in all types of furs. The website will you the price range for each type of fur and you can decide on a budget. Fur Styles such full length mink coats, mink vests, mink jackets and mink shrugs are good options.. How do you judge a reputable furrier? Pologeorgis has been in business for over 60 years and has worked with the best designers in the world. The site will show all types of furs, mink, fox, beaver, Russian sable, swakara lamb as well as shearling, There are also many fur manufacturing techniques to choose from. From sheared furs to reversible furs to fur lined garments. An experienced furrier can answer any questions you have and help you decide which type of fur best suits your budget and lifestyle. A reputable furrier like Pologeorgis Furs will also carry a wide array of furs, fur colors, fur shapes, and fur styles. Pologeorgis stands behind the authenticity and quality of the fur garments they make and sell. Established in 1960 by Stanley Pologeorgis who was a pioneer in the fur industry, Pologeorgis Furs is world renowned for unparalleled quality furs and fur craftsmanship. Pologeorgis Furs is now under the stewardship of his son Nick and daughter Joan and the tradition of excellence continues. Pologeorgis is a family owned and operated company, Each fur garment sold by the brand carries the Pologeorgis label. The Pologeorgis family is personally invested in making sure that the fur used is of the highest quality. Pologeorgis is open by appointment in New York City Pologeorgis 143 West 29th Street NYC NY 10001 212 563 2250

Pologeorgis designs and manufactures fur coats in New York City. Pologeorgis offers mink coats, mink jackets, mink vests as well as a full line of ready to wear coats, fox jackets and fox vests. Pologeorgis offers a huge selection of fur hats, mink hats, mink scarves as well as fur slippers. Pologeorgis is the best furrier for custom one of a kind fur coats and fur jackets. Pologeorgis always has an experienced furrier and knowledgeable fur designer on hand to guide you through the process. Pologeorgis offers fur cleanings, shearling coat cleanings, fur coat remodel, fur repair and cold fur storage services right on premises.

Mink: Mink is the most popular of all the furs, Pologeorgis uses only the best quality mink pelts. The best mink fur has the following characteristics, real mink is lightweight with a dense soft underfur. Mink can be worked horizontally or vertically and it is available in natural and dyed colors. Mink is a very warm fur and durable. Natural mink are Ranch Mink, Mahogany mink, Pastel mink, Lunaraine mink, Blue Iris mink, Sapphire mink. Popular mink styles include mink bomber jackets, mink vests, mink coats with hoods, mink hoodies, and mink shrugs. Natural mink is a versatile and can be remade into new styles

Rabbit: Rabbit is often dyed in a variety of fun and beautiful colors. Rabbit is a warm fur and particularly soft. Rabbit pieces can be worked in different ways with knitting and shearing. Rex Rabbit coats are denser and warmer. Sheared rabbit is used for vests and jackets. Rabbit is generally priced well.

Lamb: Several different species of lamb are utilized in quality fur products. Swakara Lamb fur has soft wavy curls and is one of the oldest breeds of domestic sheep globally. Shearling is a Merino lamb which can be worn on the interior or the exterior of the garment. Merino lamb is either sheared and ironed or short and tightly curled hair. This fur has been at the top of the trends list for the past few seasons. Shearling garments are very popular. Shearling is considered fur. Shearling can come in many different garments Pologeorgis offers merino shearling coats (smooth and shiny shearling) Toscana shearlings - these are a curly and have longer fur,

Sable: Russian sable is highly coveted for its warmth, lightness and silky feel. Sable is the most expensive fur. Natural Sable is the most luxurious of furs, Natural Sable is available in deep brown tones lighter brown shades and golden brown. Pologeorgis has a largest selection of sable coats, sable jackets as well as sable vests. Pologeorgis can custom make Russian Sable coats

Let the mirror be your guide. Be sure to look at the coat from all angles. If you typically wear a sweater or blazer be sure to bring one to try on with your coat to make sure you are comfortable wearing them together. Your coat should fit well and feel light on your shoulders. The shoulders, sleeve edges and hem of the coat should fall evenly all around. A fur coat does not fit the same way as a cloth coat and they should have a fur expert on hand to fit you. A fur coat should never be too tight or too big. The fur should look lustrous and shiny and the natural markings in the fur should be uniform. The fur should feel soft and silky to the touch. Invest in a quality fur it should last for decades to come

Make sure that you have a trusted and experienced fur salesperson who came help you select the perfect fur garment, There are so many style options for fur and luxury outerwear. Are you looking for a dressy coat? Perhaps mink or sable are something for you to consider. Do you want an everyday fur? Consider a fur lined parka or fur lined jacket for errands around town. Shearlings are a good option for many situations and can be worn with dresses or jeans. Pologeorgis is well known as the go to salon for shearlings and Pologeorgis has a huge selection of well priced shearling jackets, shearling coats and shearling vests online as well as the location in Greenwich, CT. Pologeorgis 25 Lewis Street. Hooded mink coats and hooded mink jackets are great sporty styles for cold winters in the suburbs and city,

We hope this guide helps you choose the perfect fur coat to make you look and feel beautiful for many winters to come. You can visit us at to view our latest collection.

Discover our women's real fur coats, handcrafted with the finest available furs. Furcaravan offers a wide variety of styles in a range of colours, and guarantees luxury fur coats of the highest quality.

Each Buffalo Fur Coat is hand tailored to your unique specifications. We capture 12 measurements to ensure your Buffalo Fur Coat fits perfectly. Guaranteed! Using prime winter buffalo hides, each coat is hand-matched and no two coats are alike.

We did everything to ensure that our fur coats were of excellent quality, and their purchase was complemented by a pleasant service. Come to us and choose fur products that make women even more luxurious. We wish you to find exactly the coat you are dreaming about!

If you have an old fur coat you haven't worn in years, consider selling it. Depending on the quality, age, fur type, and condition your coat can fetch you top dollar. But get a professional appraisal before you put a price tag on it.

Every woman with a statement deserves a piece to go with it. Look no further than this exclusive rich and glamorous coat. Drape yourself in cream and ivory, faux-lynx running down your velveted sleeves, and darker accents weaving complexity with style. Wear it over jeans and knits or dress it up on top of an event dress. It's bold, it's forward, It's not for the faint of heart. Then again, neither is Beth Dutton.

Founded in 2016 by former fashion buyer, Nadja Axarlis, / FAZ / was born from a desire to create an elegant and ethical alternative to fur-produced fashion. Observing that her friends and contemporaries were making more conscious style decisions, Nadja set out to create a line of garments that would boast all the glamour and warmth of the original, while remaining completely cruelty-free. After tireless research, Nadja found a fabric supplier in the north of France that produces superior, high-quality fabrics with the same desired tactility and volume as fur. Crafted in a former furrier in Paris, / FAZ / coats, jackets and gilets are cut in timeless silhouettes and classic hues like khaki, navy, and silver grey. Following an enthusiastic response from international retailers like Net-A-Porter, Selfridges and Moda Operandi, / FAZ / releases two collections a year.

Inspecting a real fur coat thoroughly before purchasing it is critical. You have to remember that your fur coat is an investment, so if you buy one that has already begun deteriorating, then it might be difficult to revive it. The first thing to observe is whether the fur has any tears or holes in it. If you see any, ask the seller about it to get an idea of how it happened. Sometimes bugs can be the cause of the holes and the last thing you want to do is buy the fur and bring the bugs into your home. Some small holes and tears can be repaired by a professional furrier, so ask your local furrier what they can repair before you go shopping.

If you are looking for a fur coat buyer you are in the right place. We buy many types of used or vintage furs including mink, fox, and lamb. The styles of furs we buy include coats, jackets, and shawls. We buy furs all over Long Island and Manhattan. 041b061a72


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