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Super Cleaner 2.96 Serial Number

i started doing what i always used to do, stopped the array, did a clean power-down, took out the first disk, and exchanged it with one of the new 3TB drives...however, when i started the unRaid up again, the web UI showed parity having no disk, and Disk 1 with a red dot...but the drop down menus, which i remember as giving you the option of selecting a drive by serial number, showed no content.

super cleaner 2.96 serial number

for the time being i put everything back the way it was and started the server again in its current, nearly full condition...what do i have to do now to see which serial number drives are where? how can i be certain in which physical slot my parity drive is?

weird, maybe that was years ago, but i faintly remember a screen in the web-UI that showed all of the drives with their serial numbers in their respective slots...but now that i think about it, it's unlikely that ever existed, being that there is no way to know which mono or SATA connector goes to which physical slot, so with that said, i must have remembered incorrectly.

Lets make sure we are talking about the same things here. SLOTS in UnRaid are real and show on the menu in the gui (and should show serial numbers as well). Slot 1 (or the top most drive in the list on the GUI) Has to be the Parity Drive. It has no relation to physical location (unraid doesn't care where the drive is physically located or connected, meaning you can move it around inside your server, just make sure its assigned to the parity drive in the GUI).

so you mean that i should take a screen-cap of the main page, with the array stopped and the serial numbers for each slot showing, so that if things go wrong, i'll have an easier time getting things back to the way they were? 350c69d7ab


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