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In 2007, Rae graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in African and African-American Studies. As a college student, she made music videos, wrote and directed plays, and created a mock reality series called Dorm Diaries for fun. At Stanford, Rae met Tracy Oliver, who helped produce Awkward Black Girl and starred on the show as Nina.[19]

Videos For Real Sister And Brother.rar

Carter started making videos on Youtube as an outlet for his creativity after graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in Computer Engineering and Robotics. Driven by his need for pushing the boundaries and love for thinking outside the box, Carter started Dream Team Studios to document the exciting challenges, experiments, and builds with friends, setting the foundations for what is now Team RAR. As founder of the organization, Carter bounces back and forth between content creation and business management, setting the strategic vision for the group. In his free time you can find him scoping out real estate deals, working out, and relaxing on scenic drives along the Malibu coast. 041b061a72


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