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This function is exectued at the very beginning. Whatever is passed todone() will be used for connecting to remote hosts. This can either be anobject or an array of objects depending on if you want to connect to one ormultiple hosts. Passing an Error object will immediately abort the currentflightplan.


To execute a command you have the choice between using exec() or oneof the handy wrappers for often used commands:transport.exec('ls -al') is the same as'-al'). If acommand returns a non-zero exit code, the flightplan will be aborted andall subsequent commands and flights won't get executed.

For Anafi, flightplans are started using the common.Mavlink.Start(flightplan_uid, type='flightPlan') command where the flightplan_uid is an UID generated by the drone when you upload a new flightplan mavlink file to the drone. 041b061a72


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