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Mega Fishing – The Hottest New Generation Online Fish Shooting Game

Mega Fishing, a new online fish shooting game, has quickly captured the attention of gamers since its debut in the market. Highly praised for its creativity and ability to deliver attractive rewards, this game is expected to continue causing a sensation in the gaming world. Let's explore the exciting features of Mega Fishing with bk8 link and see if this game is the adventure you've been looking for.

Introduction to Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing, a remarkable fish shooting game developed by renowned publisher JiLi, has been dominating the gaming community. It stands out with its innovative and unique design, offering players a completely new and captivating gaming experience.

Features of Mega Fishing

The uniqueness of Mega Fishing lies not only in its attractive reward ratios but also in its innovative features that create a rich and enjoyable gaming environment. In a competitive gaming market, Mega Fishing emerges as a strong contender with superior design and gameplay features, making it a game that everyone should experience.

Detailed Gameplay Guide for Mega Fishing

Basic Rules of Mega Fishing The game operates on a simple rule: the more fish you shoot, the greater the rewards. Players need to explore and defeat various sea creatures and bosses to earn high reward ratios. The game integrates multiple unique features that enhance the player's experience and convenience.

Mega Fishing Gaming Rooms Mega Fishing offers diverse gaming rooms tailored to meet every player's needs in different situations:

Apprentice Room: With low stakes ranging from 0.1 to 10, this room is perfect for new players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay without financial risk. It's also an excellent environment to accumulate experience before venturing into higher-stakes rooms.

Joy Room: Stakes here range from 1 to 100, suitable for players seeking increasing challenges. The Joy Room also hosts unique events and offers higher reward opportunities, providing a rich and engaging experience.

Honour Room: With stakes ranging from 10 to 100, this is the highest-stakes room in the game. Players here have the opportunity to maximize their winnings in the shortest possible time. This room demands skill and strategy, but the rewards match the level of challenge.

Different Shooting Modes Mega Fishing provides three different shooting modes to cater to the diverse needs of players:

Normal Shooting Mode: Allows players to freely adjust the intensity and direction of their shots. It requires precise aiming skills and is suitable for experienced players.

Target Lock Shooting Mode: Designed for players less confident in their shooting abilities. The system automatically identifies and assists players in targeting and defeating objectives, which is useful when dealing with bosses and helps new players earn large rewards more easily.

Auto Shooting Mode: Ideal for busy players. When activated, the system automatically seeks and shoots designated targets, yielding large rewards without requiring extensive intervention. However, this mode does not optimize reward ratios compared to the other two modes.

Special Weapons and Features in Mega Fishing Mega Fishing features a rich arsenal of weapons and innovative features designed to enhance the player's experience:

Energy Accumulation Feature: Each time a monster is defeated, players accumulate energy. When sufficient, this feature triggers a wide-area explosion that eliminates all creatures on the screen.

Hunting Big Bosses for High Rewards: Attacking and damaging bosses allows players to receive high rewards without needing to completely defeat them.

Awakening Sea King: Defeating the Ancient Crocodile Boss triggers a feature that doubles the value of rewards for each fish you subsequently defeat.

Lucky Spin: Defeating the Mega Octopus Boss activates a lucky spin, offering a chance to win substantial rewards from the spin.

Weapon System: Players explore various types of creative weapons, including the:

Harpoon: Enhances weapon power significantly, making shots more effective.

Electromagnetic Cannon: This weapon generates a powerful laser beam, making it easier for players to eliminate targets within the game area.

Frozen: This feature freezes all creatures on the screen, making it easier to attack them.

Sea Starstorm: Defeating this creature triggers a high-damage bomb explosion feature.

Reward Rates in Mega Fishing Mega Fishing by Jili provides a fresh experience with an outstanding and flexible reward exchange table, offering many attractive winning opportunities. The game categorizes fish into different sizes and values:

Common Fish: Small fish like Small Blue Fish, Small School Fish, Jellyfish, Demon Face Fish, Green Turtle, and Small Red Octopus offer rewards ranging from 2x to 8x the bet value.

Larger Fish: Larger fish such as Red Crab, Lantern Fish, Green Hammerhead Shark, Green Sawfish, and Hammerhead Shark offer rewards ranging from 10x to 25x the bet value.

Golden Fish: Golden fish like Small Golden Carp, Golden Hammerhead Shark, Golden Jellyfish, and Golden Sawfish offer rewards ranging from 40x to 55x the bet value.

Mega Reward Fish: Large fish such as Giant Hammerhead Shark, Giant Angel Fish, Giant Jellyfish, and Giant Octopus provide high rewards, ranging from 20x to 175x the bet value depending on the gaming room.

Guide to Playing Mega Fishing at BK8

To explore the exciting world of Mega Fishing at BK8, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the BK8 website through a reliable link and log in to your account. Ensure you have deposited a certain amount into your account to be ready for adventure.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Fish Shooting" section on the toolbar. Choose the area developed by Jili and select games like Dinosaur Tycoon, Happy Fishing, Jackpot Fish Shooting,... to continue selecting Mega Fishing to start your underwater treasure hunt.

Step 3: In the game, choose a gaming room that suits your skills and preferences. Place your bet and prepare your hunting weapons. When everything is ready, start hunting for the treasures you've been waiting for.

Tips for Winning Big in Mega Fishing at BK8

To become a fish shooting king in Mega Fishing, utilize these four golden strategies to quickly become an experienced fish shooter, maximizing every opportunity to get rich in this lively entertainment world.

Smart Use of Weapons: The game offers many powerful weapons, but using them effectively requires strategy. Choose the right time to use them, aiming to defeat high-value bosses instead of wasting them on small targets.

Smart Choice of Gaming Rooms: Choosing the wrong betting room can significantly impact your budget and mental state. Consider factors such as experience level and finances to select the appropriate betting room to help you maintain stability and comfort while playing.

Focus on Fish Schools: Shooting into fish schools rather than aiming at individual fish increases your chances of hitting the target. This technique not only reduces missed shots but also doubles the profit from a single shot.

Participate in Events and Use Promotions: Especially for new players, participating in game events and bk8 bonuses is an opportunity not to be missed. These rewards and promotions not only help you increase your capital but also provide valuable experience.


Mega Fishing is making waves in the world of fish shooting games thanks to its impressive design and unique features. If you're looking for a new gaming experience, don't miss out on this exciting game—it's sure to bring you enjoyable moments of entertainment.

By following these comprehensive guides and strategies, you can seamlessly how to create an account bk8, deposit, withdraw, and take advantage of BK8's promotions while enjoying the thrilling experience of Mega Fishing and other exciting games on their platform. Happy gaming!

This comprehensive guide introduces players to Mega Fishing, covering its gameplay mechanics, unique features, reward structures, and tips for maximizing winnings. It also includes a step-by-step registration guide and instructions for depositing, withdrawing, and taking advantage of BK8's promotions.


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