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Thank you so much for our Pinta. She is 1 year and 6 months now and is always so playful, alert and happy. We love her so much and enjoy every single second with her. She loves to go camping, do bomb fires with us and loves to go places and travel afar. Thank you again Valley View Puppies for Pinta and look forward to seeing you again soon for her mate.

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This is Flynn he is a 1 year old havapoo (havanese/poodle mix). Flynn is everyone in the families favorite member. He is so sweet and his favorite thing to do is snuggle with us. Valley View Puppies was so the greatest place to get our little flynn and we are so grateful!

Hazel is a bichon/shitzu teddy bear mix. We got her from Valley View Puppies on December 27th, 2020. Every day, she waits patiently for me to come home from work, sitting at the top of the stairs. She wakes me up by snuggling with me every morning, and she loves a good game of fetch. Thank you for such a good dog! The family loves her so much!

Hi! This is Gabi! We chose each other almost one year ago, in November 2020. She is the sweetest, happiest Pomapoo and the best companion. She loves to cuddle and play. She especially loves meeting all the other dogs and people we come across on our walks. Thank you Valley View Puppies!!

Our puppy Leonard is amazing we love his wild and sassy personality. He does great with all our grandchildren ,cats & dogs . He does have a strong personality and thinks he is the king ! But , he is the most sweet loving boy ever . He is very smart . THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

We received our soft coated Wheaton 8 days ago and he is such a joy. Bentley is a happy comical little boy that goes non stop. Our two shih tzus are slowly getting used to him! Our visit there to find the new addition to our family was such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much.

This is our Lhasa/Bichon puppy that we got on August 17, 2020 and will be a year old June 10, 2021. She is such a sweet lap dog that loves to run around the yard and chase balls and love the snow. Our coronopet and the best thing we did was getting her when we did and finding you on the Internet!

Scooter our new puppy ( Malti-poochon ) has quickly settled into our abode and is keeping us laughing and smiling all day. She is a healthy loving little girl and I want to thank The Valley View folks for being so helpful and professional . We are lucky to have found such a caring place.

This is Louie. We adopted him in May of 2012. He is the best dog I could have ever asked for. He just turned 8 and it seems like just yesterday we picked him up. We have had absolutely no issues with health or behavior. He gets along well with all people and all other animals. Everyone who meets him just loves him. He has also become a mentor dog for other dogs at dog obedience classes. He has won 2 trophies for his stellar behavior!

This is Broxan he is 1 years old now. We picked him up last October and we love him so much!! He loves to play fetch and is a clever little guy that keeps us on our toes and we enjoy every minute with him!!

Wanted to say thank you for our beautiful Goldendoodle puppy we brought home in April. Her name in Penny and our 3 kids love her. She is a great family dog . She is a very playful and loving puppy. She has been easy to train.

A couple months ago, we purchased a Havachon from you and named her Ellie. We currently have her enrolled in puppy class and the instructor singled her out and said we should compliment our breeder because she is a very well-rounded dog. She is wonderful with the other dogs in class even though they tower over her. So I just wanted to pass along the compliment. Ellie quickly became an endeared family member and settled in immediately. Thank you so much for breeding quality puppies. She has our hearts and is doing quite well!

Hello, Just reaching out to you to let you know that the puppy we got from you turned 14 years old today. Her name is Emma. She has been such a great buddy for us. She has always had such a big personality. She loves people and is still doing very well and is healthy. Her favorite food is eggs, so for her birthday we gave her some scrambled eggs.

We can not thank you enough for the blessing these dogs are in our life. Milo (cava tzu) we adopted 9 years ago and he is the sweetest boy who loves snuggling with his dad. Then almost 2 years ago we adopted Nora (teddy bear). The bond between these two dogs is incredible. You will always find Nora snuggling with Milo or her favorite past time is laying on pillows. They now live White Bear Lake, MN.

This is Bailey (right) and Sadie (to the left)! Bailey (Cavachon) is turning 7 in a couple of days and we purchased her in March 23rd! Sadie (Malshi) just turned 6 months and we brought her home on July 11th! They have gone on many adventures lately! Thank you Valley View puppies!!!

We brought Gus home 5 years ago this month. He is my baby and never too far from my side! Since adopting our first love, we have welcomed 2 brothers for gus whom adore him as much as there mama does! He is the perfect pup for us.

We just wanted to reach out and give you an update on our dog we got from your farm. In November of 2018 we got our first family dog. He is a Bichon Poodle mix that we named Doodle. Since the moment he came home to us he has become a cherished part of our family. We have made many great memories with him with many more for years to come. Thank you for what you all do!

Hi! My name is Theodore and I am now living in Nothern Anoka County after being adopted from Valley View in July 2020! I absolutely love to play and be held. I have so much fun with my other dog friends and my family spoils me so much!

We brought Perry home from Valley View in June, 2020. He is absolutely the best thing to happen to our family. He is so sweet and very playful and so smart. We are so grateful to have found him! He even came with us for our family photo shoot and, as you can see, he is also very photogenic!

*Please be courteous when scheduling an appointment and be on time. If you are not here within 15 minutes of your scheduled time we will assume you have cancelled. Please call if you are running late. If you are unable to make it, please call and cancel.

(a) The name, address, and USDA license number of the breeder and any broker who has had possession of the animal; the date of the animal's birth; the date the pet dealer received the animal; the breed, sex, color, and identifying marks of the animal; the individual identifying tag, tattoo, or collar number; the name and registration number of the sire and dam and the litter number; and a record of inoculations, worming treatments, and medication received by the animal while in the possession of the pet dealer.

(b) A statement signed by the pet dealer that the animal has no known health problem, or a statement signed by the pet dealer disclosing any known health problem and a statement signed by a veterinarian that recommends necessary treatment.

The disclosure shall be made part of the statement of consumer rights set forth in subdivision 10. The disclosure required in paragraph (a) need not be made for mixed breed animals if the information is not available and cannot be determined by the pet dealer.

A pet dealer who represents an animal as eligible for registration with an animal pedigree organization shall provide the retail purchaser, within 90 days of final payment, the documents necessary for registration. If these documents are not received from the pet dealer, the purchaser may retain the animal and receive a refund of 50 percent of the purchase price, or return the animal, along with all documentation previously provided, and receive a full refund. The pet dealer shall not be responsible for delays in registration which are the result of persons other than the pet dealer.

No animal may be offered for sale by a broker or pet dealer to a retail purchaser until the animal has been examined by a veterinarian. The veterinarian used by the broker shall not be the same veterinarian used by the pet dealer. If the pet dealer is not the breeder of the animal, each animal shall be examined within two days after receipt of the animal by a pet dealer and within four days of delivery of the animal to the purchaser by the pet dealer. The cost of the examination shall be paid by the pet dealer.

(a) Notify the pet dealer, within two business days, of the diagnosis by a veterinarian of a health problem and provide the pet dealer with the name and telephone number of the veterinarian and a copy of the veterinarian's report on the animal.

(b) If the purchaser wishes to receive a full refund for the animal, return the animal no later than two business days after receipt of a written statement from a veterinarian indicating the animal is unfit due to a health problem.

With respect to a dead animal the purchaser must provide the pet dealer a written statement from a veterinarian, indicating the animal died from a health problem which existed on or before the receipt of the animal by the purchaser.

If, within ten days after receipt of the animal by the purchaser, a veterinarian states, in writing, that the animal has a health problem which existed in the animal at the time of delivery, or if within one year after receipt of the animal by the purchaser, a veterinarian states, in writing, that the animal has died or is ill due to a hereditary or congenital defect, or is not of the breed type represented, the animal shall be considered to have been unfit for sale at the time of sale.

In the event an animal dies due to a health problem which existed in the animal at the time of delivery to the purchaser, the pet dealer shall provide the purchaser with one of the following remedies selected by the purchaser: receive an animal, of equal value, if available, and reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, such reimbursements not to exceed the original purchase price of the animal; or receive a refund of the full purchase price.

In the event of a health problem, which existed at the time of delivery to the purchaser, the pet dealer shall provide the purchaser with one of the following remedies selected by the purchaser: return the animal to the pet dealer for a refund of the full purchase price; exchange the animal for an animal of the purchaser's choice of equivalent value, providing a replacement is available; or retain the animal, and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, such reimbursements not to exceed the original purchase price of the animal. 041b061a72


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