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What You Need to Know Before You Download BlackEnergy

Download Black Energy: What You Need to Know

Black Energy is a notorious malware family that has been used by cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors for various malicious purposes, such as conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, stealing sensitive information, sabotaging critical infrastructure, and spying on targeted organizations and individuals.

If you are wondering how to download Black Energy, you should be aware of the dangers and difficulties involved in obtaining and using this malware. In this article, we will explain what Black Energy is, how it is distributed, how to protect yourself from it, and answer some frequently asked questions.

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What is Black Energy?

A brief history of Black Energy

Black Energy, also known as BE, was first discovered in 2007 as a toolkit for creating botnets that could launch DDoS attacks against various targets. It was sold in the Russian cyber underground and used by different groups for criminal activities.

In 2010, a new version of Black Energy, BE2, emerged with a complete code rewrite that introduced a kernel-mode rootkit, a modular architecture, and new plugins that enabled more sophisticated functions, such as stealing banking credentials, destroying the filesystem, and compromising industrial control systems. BE2 was also linked to several cyber espionage campaigns attributed to the Sandworm group, which targeted government and military organizations in Ukraine, Poland, NATO, and other countries.

In 2014, another version of Black Energy, BE3, was detected with a lighter footprint that did not use a kernel-mode driver component. It also used new methods of distribution, such as spear-phishing emails with malicious attachments or exploits. BE3 was involved in the first-of-its-kind cyberattack that caused power outages in Ukraine in 2015.

The main features and capabilities of Black Energy

Black Energy is a modular malware that can be customized with different plugins to perform various tasks. Some of the plugins that have been observed include:

  • Operations with the victim's filesystem, such as uploading, downloading, deleting, or executing files;

  • Spreading with a parasitic infector that injects malicious code into legitimate executables;

  • Spying features like keylogging, taking screenshots, or stealing passwords from browsers, email clients, instant messaging applications, etc.;

  • Remote access tools like TeamViewer or a simple pseudo remote desktop;

  • Listing Windows accounts and scanning the network for other vulnerable machines;

  • Destroying the system by wiping the hard drive or overwriting the master boot record (MBR);

  • Communicating with the command and control (C&C) server via HTTP or HTTPS protocols or using backup channels like

How to download Black Energy?

The sources and methods of Black Energy distribution

Black Energy is not publicly available for download from any official website or repository. It is only accessible to certain actors who have connections to the cyber underground or who are sponsored by state actors.

The most common way of distributing Black Energy is through spear-phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or links that exploit vulnerabilities in popular software applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader. The attachments or links may appear to be legitimate documents or presentations related to the victim's interests or activities. Once opened or clicked, they execute a malicious macro or code that downloads and installs Black Energy on the victim's machine.

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The risks and challenges of downloading Black Energy

Downloading Black Energy Downloading Black Energy is not only illegal and unethical, but also extremely risky and challenging. Some of the risks and challenges include:

  • Being detected and blocked by antivirus software or firewall systems that can identify Black Energy signatures or behaviors;

  • Being traced and exposed by law enforcement agencies or security researchers that can monitor Black Energy activities or C&C servers;

  • Being infected by other malware or backdoors that may be embedded in Black Energy files or plugins by malicious actors;

  • Being compromised by the Black Energy operators or other actors who can remotely control the infected machine or destroy the data;

  • Being unable to uninstall or remove Black Energy completely from the system due to its persistence and stealth mechanisms.

How to protect yourself from Black Energy?

The best practices and tools for detecting and removing Black Energy

If you suspect that your machine has been infected by Black Energy, you should take immediate actions to detect and remove it. Some of the best practices and tools for this purpose are:

  • Scan your system with a reputable antivirus software that can detect and remove Black Energy and its components. You may need to update your antivirus definitions or use a specialized tool like Kaspersky's TDSSKiller or ESET's BE Removal Tool ;

  • Analyze your system with a forensic tool like Volatility or Mandiant's Memoryze that can examine the memory dump of the infected machine and identify Black Energy artifacts;

  • Restore your system to a previous clean state using a backup or a system restore point that was created before the infection;

  • Reinstall your system from scratch using a trusted source and avoid opening any suspicious attachments or links in the future.

The tips and advice for preventing Black Energy infection

The best way to protect yourself from Black Energy is to prevent it from infecting your machine in the first place. Some of the tips and advice for this are:

  • Keep your system and applications updated with the latest security patches that can fix the vulnerabilities exploited by Black Energy;

  • Use a strong antivirus software and firewall system that can block malicious attachments, links, or downloads;

  • Avoid opening any unsolicited or unexpected emails or attachments that may contain Black Energy payloads;

  • Be cautious of any documents or presentations that ask you to enable macros or run code when opened;

  • Educate yourself and your employees about the threats and indicators of Black Energy and how to report any suspicious activity.


Black Energy is a dangerous malware that has been used for various malicious purposes, such as DDoS attacks, data theft, sabotage, and espionage. It is not easy to download, use, or remove Black Energy, and doing so may expose you to legal, ethical, and security risks. The best way to deal with Black Energy is to prevent it from infecting your machine by following the best practices and tips mentioned above. If you are already infected, you should use the tools and methods described above to detect and remove it as soon as possible.


Q: Who is behind Black Energy?

A: The exact identity of the actors behind Black Energy is not known, but some security researchers have attributed it to the Sandworm group, which is believed to be a Russian state-sponsored actor.

Q: What are the targets of Black Energy?

A: The targets of Black Energy vary depending on the objectives and motives of the actors using it. Some of the known targets include government and military organizations, energy and utility companies, media outlets, financial institutions, and individual users.

Q: How does Black Energy communicate with its C&C server?

A: Black Energy uses various methods of communication with its C&C server, such as HTTP or HTTPS protocols, backup channels like, or custom protocols like TCP over port 443. It also uses encryption and obfuscation techniques to evade detection and analysis.

Q: How can I tell if my machine is infected by Black Energy?



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