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How to Go Viral on SoundCloud?

It’s practically every musician’s dream to go viral on a powerful platform like SoundCloud and leave their mark on the industry. Every year thousands of people try to achieve this feat but fail because very limited substrata of musicians actually know how to go viral on SoundCloud.

Why is it? Because it has always been kept as a closely guarded secret to be locked away from independent artists. But today, we’re going to uncover the tactics that can make any musician a mega-hit on SoundCloud and make their every track go viral on the platform.

Tips to Go Viral on SoundCloud

Afore reading the tips, you must know that SoundCloud is a highly competitive platform for musicians. You need to step up your music game if you want to survive on SoundCloud and see your tracks go viral.

These tips will help you improve your SoundCloud account, elevate your music and teach you what must be done in order to become a sensation on SoundCloud. Make sure to follow these steps word by word and on a regular basis to achieve your goal.

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1. Create a Perfect SoundCloud Page

The first thing you need to do to get on the radar of your target audience is create a perfect SoundCloud page. Ensure that it’s every aspect is clean and covered – from account name to track descriptions; keep every little detail in account to get that perfect look you need.

Now, if you’re new to SoundCloud and don’t know how to make your page look attractive and slick, here are some things that you can start with.

Pick a Recognizable Username and Custom URL

Let’s start with the most basic element that catches a listener’s eye on SoundCloud i-e your username. Try to keep it simple and recognizable, so anyone can recognize it’s you even without reading it till the very end.

Also, once you’re done selecting a good username, make sure that you get a custom SoundCloud URL for your account with your username at the end of it.

Upload Original Avatar

To develop your identity on SoundCloud, you need to upload your original avatar there, so people can remember that you are the artist of the tracks they have been enjoying lately. Lots of people don’t even consider uploading their avatar, which causes them identity issues later.

Imagine uploading a track and people not even knowing that it was you who composed it. Now that would hurt, no? That’s why it’s always best to upload your original avatar on the account.

Choose Relevant Header

A SoundCloud header or banner is like a cover picture of your account whose main purpose is to highlight your identity. Make sure to get a custom banner designed for your SoundCloud account that contains your username and some cool art that represents your music style.

2. Create Share-Worthy Content

Any song, video, or piece of content goes viral when it is shared by multiple people on a platform, right? Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you make such incredible music that people fall in love with and can’t help but share with their friends.

To create share-worthy content, you need to understand what your target audience likes and current trends in the industry. Once you combine both these points in biblical proportions, your tracks will become share-worthy and eventually go viral.

3. Focus on Target Audience

Like customer is the king in the market; similarly, the audience is the king on SoundCloud. To go viral on SoundCloud, you need to focus on your target audience and produce music they consider worthy and enjoy listening to.

But how exactly can you create music that your target audience loves? For starters, you need to understand them and find out what their favorite genre is, what music means for them, their priorities in sub-genres, and finally, the stuff they hate in tracks.

Once you’ve gathered all this information, use it to steer clear of the factors your audience hates and add more things that your audience wants. When you keep creating tracks like this, eventually, you’ll make something that will hit your audience’s heartstrings and go viral.

So, don’t forget that the key to becoming famous on SoundCloud and going viral is focusing on and understanding your target audience.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Perhaps the fastest way of becoming famous on SoundCloud is to collaborate with influencers and get the attention of their fan base. For example, if you are a podcaster on SoundCloud, the invite a famous philanthropist as a guest in one of your segments.

Of course, when you do that, the fans of that celebrity will listen to that collaborative podcast, and most of them will end up following you as well. Similarly, in the case of music, you can ask a celebrity to feature on your album cover or sing a minor part in one of your tracks.

Through this tactic, you will take advantage of someone else’s fame and utilize it to increase your reach and become an influencer yourself – it will, of course, help you become viral on SoundCloud later.

5. Reward Your Fans

A fantastic way of encouraging your fans and attracting potential followers is to reward them for their dedication. Make a list of all the people that have been following you for a long time and actively interact with your songs in the form of comments and likes, etc.

After that, you send them gifts to appreciate their dedication with a thank you note. This gesture will make your fans fall in love with you even more and encourage other people to become your dedicated fans. And as we all know, the audience is the key to becoming a sensation on SoundCloud. So, the more you earn the audience’s favor, the more chances you’ll have of becoming renowned.

6. Use SoundCloud Pro

When your goal is to go viral on SoundCloud, you need every marketing and tactical tool at your disposal. Experts recommend that one use SoundCloud pro to get access to advanced features and achieve his goal. With a SoundCloud Pro account, you will be able to:

Customize your profile and URL

Get unlimited upload time

Promote your tracks on SoundCloud discovery pages

Access advanced insights

Get promoted by the SoundCloud artists’ relations team and many more

Most of these features can help a creator improve his account and reach his audience effectively. So, you should take the initiative and purchase the SoundCloud pro to step up your game and become an industry-standard artist.

7. Catch the Trend

The music industry runs on trends and the latest creative ideas. To draw the audience’s attraction and go viral, you must stay one step ahead of your competition and always make sure to catch the music trends before others. Now, you might ask, what do you mean by music trends? Well, the simplest example of a trend is the Squid game theme.

Last year, every child and adult knew what it was due to its iconic tune. But it didn’t become a trend because of its melody; it was all thanks to ambitious artists. Many artists took that beat and made songs with it.

You can still find a couple of gangster raps that were inspired by the Squid game tune. So, whenever you feel like something is catching fire among the audience, use it in your music to make a piece that goes viral.

8. Build Your Fan Base

As we mentioned earlier, you need to get more plays on your tracks, so they can rise on the platform, get on the radar of more people and eventually go viral. But that’s only possible when you have huge fan following, and you don’t need to be very technical to understand why it is essential – the math is simple.

The more followers you’ll have, the more plays you’ll get, and both these factors will play out to make your tracks go viral. Hence, it makes sense that you focus on converting your potential listeners to dedicated followers because you need a constant supply of plays to achieve your goal, and a solid fan base is a key to that.

9. Engage with Your Audience

Keep in touch with your audience and never make them feel like they are just numbers on a screen for you. It’s your duty as an artist to keep your audience engaged and show respect to them, as they are the people who can make or break your whole career.

Try everything you can think of to communicate with your audience from time to time. Reply to their comments, answer fan mails, wish them birthdays, send gifts, and show as much gratitude as you can to win the hearts of your audience.

10. Tag Your Music

Imagine your song goes viral in a particular community but fails to reach its maximum potential on SoundCloud because people have a hard time finding it. That would be a shame, right? That’s why you need to make sure that you add appropriate tags in your tracks while uploading them.

For example, if you’re about to upload a track related to a trend, add that trend’s tag to it, so whenever someone searches for that keyword, your song appears in search results. Through this tactic, your song will be able to reach more people, which will boost its odds of going viral on SoundCloud and other platforms as well.

11. Cross Promote Your Music

Music has no boundaries, so when you try to promote your tracks to get more plays on them, share them on as many platforms as possible. Most experts suggest that you must always choose social media channels when it comes to cross-promotion.

It’s because more than half of the world’s population is on social media, so you need to promote your stuff where your target audience is active, hence the social media platforms.

Start with your essential platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and you can work your way up from there. Include as many social channels as possible to cover more audience and get more exposure to fulfill your objective.

12. Creating a Successful Podcast

Podcasts are an excellent and creative way of communicating with your audience and sharing wisdom. You can invite guests and chat with them while addressing serious issues or talk about music and art with them. If you wish to start a podcast of your own, follow these two tactics.

Choose an Interesting Podcast Topic

Generally, podcasts have different topics for every session, but you must set the main topic of your podcast that defines its nature. It can be about music, fashion, art, or anything that you are passionate about. But make sure that the topic you choose has a fan following on SoundCloud, so people get attracted to your podcast and check it out.

Use the Proper Audio Equipment

Podcasts are all about talking to your audience, so it’s highly recommended that you use the proper audio equipment to make sure there’s no interruption of any kind.


After sharing all these spectacular tips with you, we hope you’re well versed in the art of going viral on SoundCloud, and soon your name will appear in bold letters in music communities. Don’t forget to keep up the hard work because success doesn’t just come with tips.

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