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Aerofly Pro Deluxe 111 12

Every time I load up or switch to the Skyhawk I see yet another improvement over the C172 that we have been flying all these years. This is one gorgeous airplane and the sounds are spot on. The paint coupled with the lighting and shadows gives it a surreal sort of look. Everything just seems to look so much better in the Aerofly FS 2 skies. Jump to this link and zoom up the images to full screen and see if you agree.

Aerofly Pro Deluxe 111 12

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The concept is you watch a demonstration flight of a given maneuver and then you are graded by an instructor on your ability to fly that maneuver. You are allowed to have several tries to get it right before you move on to the next lesson. You can find an overview of all the lessons here. -welche-lektionen-gibt-es-in-der-flugschule-des-aerofly2-fuer-ios-2/ Just click on the American flag for English.


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