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Diana, contrary to what most of us have been led to believe, we don't live in a democracy. We live in an oligarchy. Our politicians do what is best for their rich donors, not what is best for "we the people". Every gun tragedy becomes a new episode of Kabuke Theater."Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy" - Web LinkAs long as the NRA gives politicians money to preserve the status quo, the status quo is what the politicians will give us.The only hope is to vote for politicians who run on platforms of anti-corruption.I don't even trust our vote-counting systems. When discrepancies arise between election night polling and the actual vote count, election night polling simply disappears

There is obviously much to say on this, but it will be much forgotten as there will be another one and that will take our thoughts and prayers.The availability of guns is part of the problem. It is a big part of the problem.The other part of the problem is what we are doing to young men. It is easy to say it is a mental health problem. I don't believe that as anything other than another excuse.What we are doing to young men is an issue we are ignoring. Some talk about the war on boys. Some talk about it as the result of video game violence and social media taking over the role of mentorship in the lives of boys growing up in a world where fatherhood is rare, personal responsibilty is wiped away, and morality is flawed. This is not a mental health issue, but a maturity issue. I think it is time to get back to basics. Family values, strong male role models (fatherhood), discipline, facing up to mistakes made in childhood where children have to understand that the punishment fits the crime. Allowing boys to grow up without chores, without boundaries, without discipline, is creating young men with problems who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Team sports, Sunday School morality, and fathers are needed more than ever. Get back to having strong families where each member of the family is valued and depended on for the role they play. Without this old fashioned approach, we are breeding malcontent adolescents who remain adolescents until they are past 30. This is now a serious problem.

> There is no reason for any civilian to ever own AR-15. None what so ever.^ Concurring...owning an AR-15 style assault weapon is absolute overkill.According to esteemed Fox News host Tucker Carlson:" media, porn, video games and drugs are primarily responsible for the actions of men accused of mass shootings...yet the authorities in their lives mostly women never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege."^ Concurring...though I do not actively participate in the Carlson ascribed vices, watching Sunday football and drinking beer while neglecting other household duties is an male American privilege. It is a right that men must exercise regularly or they will lose it.

The parents bear a certain responsibility for this tragedy by looking the other way.There is no report to date as to whether the arrestee has procured legal representation, either private or a public defender.A good criminal lawyer would advise him to 'lawyer up' and not disclose any additional incriminating information to the police as his goose is already cooked.A major civil suit against the shooter's family could ensue following the criminal proceedings.And the gun manufacturer(s) could also be held liable as the now bankrupt Remington Company was following the Sandy Hook shootings.Restrictive gun legislation is not going anywhere and the only recourse are major civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers for damages and loss of lives.Only then will we have gun reform.

Yesterday's assassination of Shinzo Abe in broad daylight proves that even in a country like Japan where gun control laws have reduced gun violence to almost nil, a mentally deranged person will do whatever they have to do, to kill others. Savvy people can make their own weapons and ammunition. Strict gun control is the only answer to prevent *most* (not all) murder by guns. Diana, everyone lives just a block away from an area that will eventually have a tragedy occur. My parents' generation was either blissfully ignorant of such things, or just plain lucky. Now in the 21st Century in the Bay Area, we are becoming more aware of murders, DV, theft, muggings, even theft of water by horse boarding ranches. The more we hear about it, the more we learn to turn a blind eye to it, as if it's the price we pay to live in these zip codes. Meanwhile the local authorities suppress the crackling of the scanners that used to inform us to be alert. Now even the police are getting in on the "what they don't know about won't hurt them" mentality. If we are complacent it's because we seem to want it that way.

"American laws are rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic and the Code of Hamurabiwhich emphasized retribution, not rehabilitation or restitutionary measures."^ In most instances, the punishment should fit the crime regardless of any perceived harshness on the part of 'soft on crime' advocates."Full compliance to the Ten Commandments, and the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy would be good starting points as would harsher capital punishments for serious offenders."^ The only problem here (at least for some) is that those two Biblical books also condemn individuals engaged in LGBTQ activities.The Supreme Court under the guidance of conservative Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is currently reviewing the possibility of outlawing gay marriages and gay sexual practices as these lifestyles are not cited or guaranteed in the 14th Amendment.Civil rights are being redefined in the SCOTUS and whether one agrees or disagrees with these legal opinions is strictly up to the individual as there are always two sides to every coin.On the other hand, the government should not be dictating how others live even if these lifestyles are condemned in the Bible.A separation of church and state is paramount to ensuring freedom from religious dogma and intervention.Personally speaking, I have absolutely no use for organized religion or its doctrines.Live and let live or simply look the other way if something is none of your business.

People made some wrong statements above which deserve pushback, because they are part and parcel of the right's attempt to destroy (drown in a bathtub, was the term) our free and broadly prosperous democracy and replace it with plutocracy and/or oligarchy (which is in power terms, exactly what colonists fought a revolution to throw off).You gun control activists miss the point of the second amendment. It is protect you from THE GOVERNMENT."This is false. It is a lie intended to subvert the Constitution.The colonists almost lost their ability to take up arms against a repressive English sovereignty" as an above poster said. Instead, they won, and thus wanted to ensure that we could protect the FREE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT they had just fought a bloody revolution to get, against such concentrations of power as monarchies, plutocracies, and oligarchies (which plutocracies inevitably become).Again, the 2nd Amendment was intended as a way to protect our free Democratic Republican form of government from concentrations of power that the right has been promoting. Getting people to hate their government of the people"when the 2nd Amendment was clearly about helping the newly free people to protect their government against being taken over by tyrannical/autocratic forces"now has people who claim to revere the Constitution working virulently to destroy the very government the Constitution was written to form, and the 2nd Amendment to protect.The interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as about individual protections was simply dishonest.Web LinkSecondly, the slippery slope argument ignores the many free countries around the world like Australia who increased the safety and freedom of citizens by creating better gun safety regulations. They have not become repressive" because of it, they have saved innocent lives. 041b061a72


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